Curriculum Vitae

Link to CV download. Updated 11/8/2022


  • Demarest, Rustamov, Swift, Xie, Adamek, Cho, Wilson, Han, Belsten, Luczak, Brunner, Haroutounian, Leuthardt “A Novel Theta-Controlled Vibrotactile Brain-Computer Interface To Treat Chronic Pain: A Pilot Study”, in preparation 2023
  • Schalk, Worrell, Mivalt, Belsten, Kim, Morris, Hermes, Klassen, Staff, Messina, Kaufmann, Rickert, Brunner, Worrell, Miller “Towards a Fully Implantable Ecosystem for Adaptive Neuromodulation in Humans: Preliminary Experience with the CorTec BrainInterchange Device in a Canine Model”, Frontiers in Neuroscience 2022
  • Bybee, Belsten, Sommer “Cross-Frequency Coupling Increases Memory Capacity in Oscillatory Neural Networks” arxiv 2022
  • Belsten, Kopsaftopoulos “Data-Driven Flight State Identification via Time-Series-Informed Features and Convolutional Neural Network”, AIAA AVIATION Forum 2021
  • Belsten, Adamek, Brunner “Hardware Abstraction to Facilitate the Dissemination and Validation of Electrophysiological Experiments”, one-page research paper, EMBC 2020

Contributions to BCI2000

At WashU and NCAN I worked on maintaining and improving BCI2000, a general purpose software for brain-computer interfacing. I added support for a variety of bio-signal acquisition and peripheral devices. These devices include:

Oat Milk Research

Work in progress… Come back soon.